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Poinsettia Care

Poinsettia Plant

The Christmas plant, or Poinsettia is easy care when you first buy them, its after that become a little tricky. If it's late November or into December it's time to start looking for Pointsettia, what might just be the one of the best selling plants in the world.

Poinsettia Flowers

The really interesting thing about Poinsettias is that we do not really grow them for the flowers, and we do not grow them for the foliage either.

If we look at the ' classic poinsettia' variety it actually has green foliage and the flowers are a rather insignificant white.

It is the brilliant new red bracts that surrong those tiny white flowers that are the brilliant red.

Ponsettia varieties

You can now find poinsetiias that are white, pink and even pink and white as well as red with splashes of white.

Where do you find Poinsettia

In the USA its a huge seller from Thanksgiving on. In the UK its very popular, same in Europe and even in Australia. Not sure if its the colourful nature of the plant itself, or a tradition that has grown and been commercialised so much its almost out of control.