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Coffee Grounds in the Garden

We have many questions about the using of Coffee grounds in compost in the garden in general and as a slug and snail repellent. In the garden coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and with a fairly neutral ph can be an excellent addition to compost.
Try layering fallen leaves, coffee grounds and grass clippings, the leaves are the source of carbon that help balance the nitrogen in the fresh grass clippings and the coffee grounds.

Ideally you would use a lot of coffee grounds and these can be collected from cafes, however if you have a home espresso machine just use what you can. And of course you can also use filtered coffee ground, filter and all.

It is also thought that coffee grounds help increase the temperature in compost heaps, helping to speed up the process. So technically what do coffee grounds add to the compost and therefore the soil, well how about phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and copper. And around 2% nitrogen.