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Growing Daffodils in Containers

Daffodils in container

Add a little 'mobile color' to the spring garden by growing daffodils in containers. We often grow daffodils in containers, just to have some that we can 'move around', into a position near the door when they are in flower.

Although you can grow most bulbs in containers, Daffodils are particularly easy, by the time summer comes around they are dormant and do not mind drying out a little, so why noy give them a try. They will even flower well on a small balcony.

For care, we turn them out each year as we do plant fairly close together, it also puts on a better display like this

Top Tips.

  • Always use a clean pot to prevent disease, we clean ours even if we are replanting, and we use a fresh soil mixture as well.
  • The experts will mix up a special soil with added perlite to improve drainage. We just use the bagged stuff for all but the species daffodils that we grow, it works well.