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Drought Tolerant Trees

The drought tolerant Pinus Pinea

Drought Tolerant Trees are much in favor, not only do Drought Tolerant Trees have a greater survival rate during dry periods, but Drought Tolerant Trees also use much less water and are cost effective as well as hardy.

All trees need some water to survive, however some trees (Drought Tolerant Trees) can get by with a lot less water than others. Drought tolerant trees will help provide shade and protection for less drought tolerant shrubs, plants and ground covers.

Some drought tolerant trees also produce fruit and crops, The Italian Stone Pine (pictured right) has been very successful in parts of California, originally from the Mediterranean it is both drought and salt tolerant.

Trees that use less water have a number of mechanisms that allow them to survive through dry conditions.

Characteristics of Drought Tolerant Trees

Not all trees have the same characteristics however some of the more common ones are :
  • Silvery gray foliage which reflects some of the heat of the sun.
  • Fine needle like foliage.
  • Fine hairs on the leaves that help trap moisture.
  • Long tap roots that penetrate deep into the soil.
  • The ability to store water in their trunks.