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Fall leaves for great Color.

Fothergilla major leaves in fall

The leaves of fall are an attraction in many gardens. Fall colors range widely and we bring you fall leaves pictures from a range of trees that have good fall color.

Of course we sometimes refer to these as Autumn leaves, however as the Autumn leaves fall we are concerned with the colour not the name of the season.

Trees and shrubs for Fall or 'Autumn' Leaves and Colour can add great interest to the garden during Fall.

Maples have always been popular, with Japanese Maples with their fine foliage being very popular.

However trees such as the Ginkgo with its Buttery Fall Foliage, Ornamental Grapes that climb their way though other trees, or along fences and many other trees and shrubs that offer fall colour though fantastic foliage should be considered.

Some roses, especially the rugosa types also have good color, well wortha look.