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Fall Flowering Plants.

Chyranthemums flower in fall

Plants that will flower in Fall are not only popular for weddings, they are a great addition to any garden. A good display of flowers during late in the season prolongs the beauty of and perennial border.

With a little planing you can have flowers in the garden from spring right through to fall. Spring seems to be the easier time, flushes of new growth after winter seem to get gardeners enthusiastic.

However with the right plantings, flowers in fall can be equally if not more rewarding, and in warmer climates these late bloomers can continue into early winter.

A list of plants that will reward you in fall will depend on your zone, we are generally talking about perennials here and yes this does include a number of bulbs.

Like any other flowering plants you do need to plan ahead a little, most of these plants need to be planted in early spring to have time to grow, ready to put on that late show of colour that you are looking for.

Not all plants will suit your zone, so choose carefully. You will also need to make sure they are planted in the right position, as the sun becomes weaker, some of these plants will need maximum exposure to light.

Our Best Three Fall Flowering Plants are :