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Flowering Trees

Flowering Trees

With flowering trees ranging from evergreen flowering trees such as Magnolia Grandiflora species to Deciduous flower trees such as Cherry Blossom Trees and Ornamental Pear and to flowering trees that require tropical to sub tropical conditions to those that thrive in a cold climate we provide a guide to the best flowering trees for the garden.

It is important to identify the right tree for your particular landscaping situation and climate zone.

  • So for zone 8, some popular trees include the Eastern Redbud, Japanese Flowering Cherry, Flowering Dogwoods and the deciduous Magnolias.

  • Crabapples are popular from zone 4 - 9.

  • As we move to warmer zones including Florida, Frangipani, Hibiscus, Crape Myrtle and Tibouchina come into consideration.

  • In California, the Callistemons or 'Bottlebrush' with the wonderful red flowers are a useful smaller flowering tree. And the flowering Eucalyptus, Corymibia ficifolia are also worth consideration.

Uses for flowering trees

Flowering Tree Davidia involuctra

Useful in landscaping both as feature trees in the garden you can use ornamental flowering tree in a number of ways. some are grown for the flowers alone, others for the fragrance and a few for the foliage. However trees has other uses in the garden so consider these as well.

  • As a feature in the lawn.
  • To act as a focal point in the corner of a garden.
  • To give shade.
  • As features either side of an entrance, path or set of garden steps.
  • To help create a microclimate for underplanting, especially when using deciduous flowering trees that are ideal for spring flowering bulbs as well as shade loving summer flowering perennials.
  • To line a driveway, Pyrus or ornamental pears are popular for this.

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