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Growing Herbs Indoors

Yes you can grow herbs indoors and some pots on a sunny windowsill in the kitchen is an ideal place, especially those winter months.

It is not only for those in cooler climates, in urban areas, for those living in apartments, the only option may be to grow herbs indoors, simply a matter of space. So choose what you will use, give them some care and grow those herbs.

It could be as simple as bringing a few pots of herbs from outdoors inside once the cold end of fall starts to set in. Or better still try to find some seedlings or plugs late in the season and plant them in pots.

More information

Fertilizer for indoor herbs

Remember that plants are not really designed to grow in pots and they are certainly not designed to be fertilised in them, Many fertilisers contain a lot of soluble salts that build up in the soil, not such a bi g problem outdoors as rains will flush these salts away and we tend to use less and different fertilisers in the garden. We suggest that you use a fertiliser such as a seaweed fertiliser at 1/3 strength when fertilising your indoor herb garden.

Pests and problems with herbs indoors

Also watch out for insects, they can be a problem with some herbs indoors, and you will not want to spray the herbs with any chemicals. If you notice lots of little insects on you indoor plants try resting them outdoors (if it's not to cold) the insects will leave fairly quickly, you can try weak soap sprays, see you local nursery or garden centre for these, and follow the instructions, many have a withholding period.