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Amaryliss or Hippeastrum Bulbs

What we commonly call Amaryliss may be that or they may be Hippeastrum, one of the most widely hybridised of all bulbs.

Amaryliss is often used to cover all of the cultivars often sold as winter flowering plants for indoors in the USA. Hippeastrum are a group of plants from South America they are only a part of the family Amaryllidaceae. Amaryliss are actually a group of bulbs from South Africa.

Bulbs appear for sale during winter and can usually be potted up straight away as they have already had a period of dormancy. However Bulbs from last season require a little special care to ensure they flower again.

Some wonderful flowers can be had from the many varieties offered for sale including varieties such as the wonderful red and white hippeastrum pictured right.

Hippeastrum care is really not difficult. We show you how to How to Repot, Fertilize and make Hippeastrum Bulbs Flower.

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