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Betula jacquemontii is a wonderful Landscaping tree

Landscaping with Trees

Landscaping Trees are used widely in gardens and parks and serve a number of purposes. Trees used for landscape design may be selected for the shade they provide, for the flowering attributes, for fall colour for general shape and form and even for the colour and texture of the bark of some tree. Landscaping trees serve many purposes including providing a sense of scale to landscape design.

The fascinating trunks of trees such as Betula jacquemontii (picture right) can be used very effectively in the landscape, grown next to a path so that the texture of the trunk is a feature, or perhaps in a group of three at the back of the garden border, many 'Silver Birch' species and cultivars make excellent landscaping trees.

Arbutus x andrachnoides (pictured below) has a very different look, a fascinating textures trunk for impact in the landscape.

Trees form the backbone of many garden designs, they are usually the largest component and can be expensive if you with to create an instant impression by planting established trees in a newly landscaped area.

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What about flowering trees?

You could consider

  • Crape Myrtle
  • Davidia involuctra
  • Quercus