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Leaf Mold - Falls Gift to Gardeners

Nearly all leaves can be used for leaf mold

Its a natural process and Leaf Mold is one of the most popular forms of mulch and compost for many gardeners. If we left leaves to break down whee they fell, eventually they woulf break down into leaf mold. We do tend to want to 'tidy up' we use rakes and leaf blowers to remove leaves from paths and lawns, but what do we do with these leaves.

The simple answere is to make leaf mold.

Such a simple process, in nature its all around us, just take a walk through any deciduous forest, in autumn the dry leaves are on the ground, dig around a little and you will find beneath a rich chocolate colored sweet smelling earthy looking compost, its leaf mold.

So forget burning, and certainly don't put them out with the rubbish, these leaves are valuable, so as Fall comes around, make leaf mold. Your garden will never look back.

Using leaf Mold

Dig it in like compost, simple as that. We do know of gardeners who pile the leaves in a different position each season and just build up soil in that position. Leaf mold is one of a gardeners best friends.

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