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Lilium Care

Healthy lilium bulb ready to plant

It needs to be remembered that Liliums originally come from a range of climatic conditions and from different parts of the world. So care instructions will differ slightly.

Care instructions for specific lilium species need to obtained when purchasing lilium bulbs. If the supplier can't supply growing notes? . Look elsewhere.

General Storage and selection Guide for Lilium Bulbs:

Lilium bulbs do not like to dry out, they are never really dormant. If bulbs look dry avoid them. Store bulbs in coco peat fiber, peat moss or similar if you need to transport them or keep them before planting.

General Care for Liliums

  • Lilium bulbs require good drainage, they do not like wet soil in winter.
  • The flowers like sun, the bulbs and roots like to be kept cool.
  • Only fertilize when in active growth.
  • Divide clumps every 3 - 4 years.
  • Taller growing types can be planted to grow through low shrubs for support, or use stakes.
  • Leave foliage to die back naturally after flowering

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