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Patio Water Features and Fountains

Stainless Steel Patio Water Feature

A water feature on a patio is a great idea, water brings a feeling of calmness and peace and can act as a focal feature.

Water features for patios can be simple plug in features complete with pump, water wall, spillway and a trough can require no extra wiring and not connection to a water supply.

As long as have a power supply many water features can simply be plugged in, filled with water and turned on.

Larger Fountains for Patios

Large Patio Water Feature

With many designs to choose from its simply a matter of finding the right water feature for your patio area.

More complicated installation may be required if you are considering a wall mounted water feature for a patio or decking area. Attaching a heavy water feature to a wall may require special fixing points or even strengthening of the wall.

However even large formal fountains can be incorporated into outdoor living area designs successfully.

Lighting water features on a patio is an excellent idea, the whole concept of outdoor living can be enhanced with appropriate lighting. Lights may be a part of the water feature or part of the patio structure.

So selection of a water feature for your patio relates to a number of factors

  • Cost
  • Installation
  • Power
  • Weight
  • Lighting
  • Design

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