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Pond Filters

Not every pond needs a filter, however the ones that we build in backyards and incorporate into landscape designs do.

Ponds need filters to purify the water, they form a part of a reticulation system that also puts oxygen back into the water and keeps the water clear and healthy.

Filters are especially important in smaller ponds that contain fish, they help remove impurities from the water that would otherwise build up and perhaps lead to algae.

The main types of pond filters are the gravity types that pump water through a filter box filled with a medium designed to trap the small particles. This filter box is usually installed somewhat it can be 'back washed' to an drain so that the medium can be cleaned.

Pressure type filters pump the water through a filter cartridge that can be replaced. Easier to maintain however they can be more expensive in the long term.

To determine the type of filter and the size of the pump you will need you will need to know the how much water your pond holds. with this information most suppliers can provide the appropriate product.

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