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Propagating Rhododendrons

It is fairly easy to propagate Rhododendrons and Azaleas for the home garden. We provide a brief guide to propagating Rhododendrons by Cuttings and Layering and other methods

Rhododendrons are actually fairly easy to propagate and the two techniques used are by taking cuttings and by layering.

Other propagation methods

Growing from seed.

Yes you can, but you never know exactly what sort of rhododendron you will be getting, it could be a great new plant, or it could be a throw back to an original species. It is really only the species that come close to reproducing the same plants from seed.

Tissue Culture

If you want thousands of identical plants, or just have a scientific bent and want to experiment, then go for it. Use a tissue culture lab. We suggest you do a course in tissue culture first if you want to do it yourself.