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Planting Trees

Planting trees should be carried out as soon as you have established the correct position and the right type of tree.

Some trees may be fast growing, many are slow to establish. Trees really are a long term investment, however the sooner you plant trees the sooner you will reap the rewards.

Choosing trees for planting is relatively simple and any good nursery will give you sound advice on when to plant a tree and how to care for it. We provide some guidelines on how to plant trees.

How to buy a tree.

Trees may be purchased from nurseries or through landscapers. Trees are usually purchased in one of four ways.

  • Bare rooted trees. Some deciduous trees may be purchased during winter 'bare rooted'. The roots are actually exposed, although kept moist with saw dust or similar.
  • Container grown trees. These are trees grown in pots or containers and sold in the pot they have been grown in.
  • Balled and Burlapped trees. Feild grown trees, dug with a rootball and soil and then wrapped in burlap.
  • Transplanted trees. Larger established trees that are machine dug usually after they are sold, and then immediatly transplanted with a large rootball.


When to plant a tree

The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the next best time is today.

The best times to plant most trees is in early fall, in these months the soil is still warm and some root growth is possible. If you miss this period, then the early momths of spring.

In warmer areas (Southern states) winter planting is also suitable.

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