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Vegetable Garden

A productive vegetable garden can be simple, however with proper design and a little planing it can be even more productive.

Our homegrown Aubergine or 'Eggplant' melanzana prosperosa is an example of what you can grow in your own vegetable garden.

Eating 5 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables a day is good for us, according to modern research they help us in the fight against high cholesterol, colon cancer, and osteoporosis. Growing your own vegetables is fairly easy, a healthy, cost saving and a rewarding experience but what should you grow?

Vegetables from the home vegetable garden are popular not only for taste, but for cost saving and the knowledge of healthy food source.

More information

Aspects to consider when first planting a vegetable garden include:

  • Vegetable Garden Design and Layout
    Plan where you are going to plant your vegetables given sun, soil and moisture requirements
  • Vegetable Growing Techniques
    Choose the technique that suits your location and lifestyle
  • Vegetable Garden Soil
    Soil is the key to growing many vegetable, ammend and prepare
  • Vegetable Growing Guide
    Read up on techniques for individual vegetables, they all have different requirements
  • Vegetable Garden Calendar
    Prepare a calendar of planting and harvesting for your zone