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White Flower Lilium

White Flowering Plants

White flowers are popular, in the garden, as cut flowers and in posies. They give the garden a cool and calm look at any time of the year, and some have perfume as an added bonus. Grow them as a feature plant in the open, or at the back of the garden border where they lighten up a sometimes dull area. They do look great in the morning, and evening, however white flowers contrasted against deep green foliage add interest all day long.

With so many types of white flowering plants available it is possible to plant a whole garden of white flowers. It would be fairly simple to pick a list of Roses, Perennials, Annuals, Bulbs as well as Trees and Shrubs that have white flowers.

Why are they so popular ? They add an instant impact to shaded areas and a sense of calm and purity, and to add to the impact, some white flowered plants are just plain beautiful with fragrance and intricate forms to match.

Lily of the Valley is a favorite, wonderful small white flowers with fragrance, for size some of the Magnolias are brilliant and for something different try Davidia involuctra or 'Dove Tree'.

If garden design is your passion you could look at the White Garden at Eyrignac in France for inspiration. The white garden at Sissinghurst with its grey and green foliage of masses of white flowering plants is another to look at.