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Innovative Planter Ideas

steel raised planters

Every gardener and landscape designer is always looking for new and different ideas, and when it comes to container gardening things are no different.

Here we are talking about the planters themselves, it can be fairly easy to recommend a few plants that look great in containers, however different ideas and designs for containers themselves are what we are looking at.

With a little imagination, and some outside inspiration you to can find a unique way create great looking gardens in all sorts of pots and containers.

How about using steel to create raised planters, they can add height to the garden and with the new flexible corten steel you can be very creative with just a little effort. (All pictured right)

And of course we also have very traditional and effective types of containers including

  • Hanging Baskets
  • Terra Cotta and Glazed Pots
  • PVC
  • Metal Garden Urns
  • and so on

However here we look at the unusual ideas that may just spark the imagination.

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More information

Can you grow trees in containers ?

Yes you can grow reasonably large trees in containers, we have seen Magnolia St Mary’s grow in large concrete containers outside a casino, and doing very well. It is probably not a long term solution given that a tree can last hundreds of years, bur for smaller trees, it works.