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Plants for Hedges

Good example of Formal Hedge

Selecting the best plants for a hedge is going to depend on the climate, the soil and the aspect. And of course the type of hedge you want.

  • Formal or Informal
  • Evergreen or Deciduous
  • Flowering or not
  • Tall growing or short

When selecting hedging plants a few decisions need to be made. These relate to the best plants for the conditions and the style of hedge.

The factors that need to be taken into account include climate, soil, amount of sun and the style of hedge.

Given that climate and soil conditions can be easily determined, what are the best hedging plants for sun or shade. And which plants are better for formal 'clipped' hedges.

Hedge density

If you are looking for privacy then a dense growing plant is best. Some plants are naturally denser growing than others, some will thicken up well with pruning.