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Weeping Trees - Dwarf Weeping Trees

Ulmus gladra Camperdownii or 'Weeping Elm Tree'

Weeping trees are usually grafted weeping forms of trees such as a weeping cherry trees.

One of the truly classic varieties of weeping trees available for sale, is Ulmus gladra Camperdownii commonly called the 'Weeping-Elm' (pictured right).

Many varieties such as dwarf weeping trees, are available for sale online including weeping mulberry tree weeping birch tree or a weeping maple or willow all sold as balled and burlapped, or bare rooted plants the during dormant season.

These trees can act as an outstanding feature in any garden. Dwarf weeping trees are popular as are weeping roses trees (bushes).

Weeping trees in a range of forms are most popular in the following states: West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Michigan, North Carolina, Missouri, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Utah and New Jersey

Best Weeping Tree Varieties

  • Weeping Cherry Trees.
    These are grafted and are a fantastic deciduous flowering tree available in a range of forms and colors. Prunus subhirtelia 'Pendula' and Prunus serrulata Kiku Shidare Zakura or Cheal's Weeping Cherry.

  • Weeping Japanese Maple Trees
    Some are grafted and some are not.
    Acer esk flamingo has a weeping habit
    Acer Japonicum Green Cascade
    Acer Palmatum dissectum atropurpureum is a weeping cutleaf maple.
    Acer Palmatum dissectum Filigree has a fine lacy foliage.

  • Weeping Golden Ash
    Fraxinus excelsior "Aurea Pendula'

  • Weeping Crabapple
    Malus 'Echermeyer' and Malus ioensis 'Plena'

  • Weeping Birch
    Betula pendula 'Youngii'. This one is usually grafted onto a standard birch. A great feature tree with a graceful weeping habit.

  • Weeping Mulberry
    Morus alba 'Pendula' . The white mulberry from China is fairly drought tolerant and is regarded as a hardy tree.

  • Weeping Apricot
    Prunus Mume 'Pendula'

  • Robinia 'Mop Top' (Mop Top Robinia)

  • European hornbeam
    Carpinus betulus 'Vienna Weeping'

  • Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar
    Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca pendula'. This one has drooping branches (hence the 'pendula') and is a great specimen tree.

Dwarf weeping trees include a range of 'Dwarf Japanese Maples' (grafted). These look great in rockeries.

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