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Asarum canadense

Although it is widely found across the United States Asarum canadense is often referred to as the Canadian Wild Ginger amongst other names. It is a perennial but is not related to the ginger family. Although regarded as edible in some traditional recipes it does contain toxins and should not be eaten

A woodland plant, this is another low growing species to .1m, excellent as a ground cover plant and also known as 'snakeroot'. This is a deciduous species that has heart shaped foliage.

Leaves are a mid green and covered with fine hairs which give them a velvety texture. The roots (underground rhizomes) are fleshy and spread slowly to create a carpet in a woodland area.

Like many Asarum species flowers of Asarum canadense are held under the foliage and are not generally a feature, this is used as a ground cover plant, low maintenance and tolerant of damp areas. Best suited to part shade to full shade.

Asarum Varieties


Easy by division of established clumps. Also can be grown from seed.


  • Excellent ground cover plant for a shaded position

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