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Asarum Foliage

Asarum are a woodland plant commonly called 'wild ginger' they spread by underground rhizomes. Low growing, they are used as a groundcover, the large leaves being most attractive.

Asarum foliage (see picture right) is varied from plain greens to variegated and speckled forms.

Species including A. europeum and a. caudatum are popular as a ground cover plant in shaded areas.

Asarum maximum 'Ling Ling', Panda Face Ginger or 'Panda faced ginger' has the most spectacular flowers of all of the Asarum.

A. europaeum, A. canadense, A. caudatum and A.splendens with its green and silvery grey foliage is an attractive groundcover are all very popular in Japan where they are referred to as Asaramu.

Some of the Japanese Asarumu species have the most spectacular patterned or marbled foliage of all.


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  • Excellent ground cover plant for a shaded position

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