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Garden and Outdoor Furniture

Call it what you will patio or outdoor furniture brings relaxation to outdoor living. Relaxing after a busy day, or entertaining friends you can create a wonderful relaxing deck or outdoor eating area with the right selection of chairs, tables and accessories.

From a complete dining setting that will be a permanant fixture on a pation through the year, to garden chairs where yo can sit and enjoy a book or just relax you can now buy it all. However choosing the right outdoot furniture does require a little research.

Garden Furniture including garden benches, metal garden furniture, wooden and iron garden furniture, bamboo garden furniture and long lasting plastic or PVC garden furniture should all be specifically designed for outdoor use.

Iron and Timber Garden Furniture

When searching for garden or outdoor furniture such as wooden lounge chairs you will need to look for weather resistant and Ultra Violet resistant materials.

Timber such as teak can be long lasting and properly coated metal and iron garden benches and tables will last with a minimum or care, poorly built or coated garden furniture may be cheap. however it may not last more than 2 - 3 seasons.

Luxury garden furniture will not be cheap, however if it's style and comfort you are after then cheap or discount furniture will not be suitable in the long term.

Garden furniture is available is many materials including traditional (antique) iron and metal as well as simple wooden benches, bamboo or stone benches. Traditional cast iron garden furniture is always popular.

Outdoor furniture materials.

A quick review of garden furniture materials reveals a few fact to consider before buying.:

  1. Teak
    Long lasting and hardy, the color will change to a silvery gray unless you oil the timber twice a year. However this is the same with many timber products.
  2. Stacked stone garden seat
  3. Iron.
    Cast and wrought iron are popular materials for garden furniture. They can be heavy, so are not overly suited to positions where you need to move them around. Best on a hard surface and where they will dry out regularly, rust can be an issue however many surface treatments are available to prevent this.
  4. Stone and Concrete.
    Long lasting durable stone is an option worth considering. It tends to be a permanent feature so choose where you place it carefully. Concrete has also come a long way in recent years with some interesting uses appearing in gardens.
  5. PVC
    Cheap, lightweight and with some very practical applications. You do need to look for UV resistant properties, however maintenance is negligible.