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Garden Clothes

Many gardeners will wear ordinary cloths into the garden, however specially designed gardening clothes do have a few advantages.

Being tougher, resistant to tearing, protective and easy to wash are all essential elements to look for in garden clothes.

The best gardening clothes for both women and men are designed to be protective.

All should provide protection from

  • The elements Sun, wind and Rain
  • Injury from thorns, prickles and the like.

For both women and men can a great range of garden clothes can now be purchased Online from many gardening clothes suppliers.

Gardening Clothes - The essential list.

Our top six specialist garden clothes are listed :

  1. Gardening Gloves.
    Essential to protect hands from dirt and thorns, as well as eliminating contact with irritating sap from some garden plants.
  2. Gardening Knee Pads.
    If you do a lot of weeding and kneeling, you will eventually appreciate knee pads, they protect your knees and make a day in the garden more comfortable.
  3. Gardening Boots
    Whatever yo wear on you feet, make them comfortable, tough and keep them for garden use only. Look for boots or shoes that are easy to take off, and easy to clean.
  4. Gardening Coats.
    Protection form the cold, the wind and the rain
  5. Protective Glasses and Earmuffs.
    If you using power equipment then you need to protect your ears and your eyes
  6. Gardening Hats.
    Keeps the sun off your face, protect your skin and stay cool in a hat with a brim.