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Hanging Baskets

Annuals in Hanging Basket

If you are looking for ideas for plants for growing in hanging baskets, then you are in for a very wide choice. Although you will be limited by the size of the basket itself you can grow a wide range of plants from permanent plantings such as Ferns and Orchids through to seasonal plants such as annuals.

Hanging baskets are really just another container for growing plants, a very popular way to grow and display a wide range of plants.

Well suited to patios and small spaces hanging baskets, one of the ideas in using them is to allow plants to grow at eye level for maximum impact.

Hanging baskets for flowers and plants are a popular way to display plants on patios indoors and in areas with limited space.

Suited to a wide range of flowers and plants hanging baskets are usually based on a wire basket with a liner.

Plants for hanging baskets

Herbs in Hanging Basket

A wide variety of plants and flowers are suited to growing in hanging baskets and trailing plants are a favourite, you can create your own mini hanging garden if you choose the right plants.

So foliage that is allowed to cascade down looks great.

Upright plants can also work well depending on the height that the hanging basket is set at.

Planting ideas for hanging baskets include :

  • Succulents,
  • Herbs,
  • Miniature roses,
  • Trailing fuchsias,
  • Strawberry plants and even
  • Bulbs such as daffodils can also be grown in hanging baskets.