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Asiatic Lilies

(Asiatic Hybrids Div1)

Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic Lilies (or Asiatic Lilium) are an extremely popular bulb to grow in the garden due to the huge range of colors. Not fragrant, in fact no discernible perfume or smell, it is the flowers that these hybrids are all about.

With their trademark outward facing flowers Asiatic Lilies are extremely easy to grow and flower early in the season. As a general full Asiatic Hybrids like a cool root run and a sunny position. 'Cool feet Warm Head'.

Asiatic Hybrids are amongst the earliest to flower and with a huge color range including spots, freckles and other markings are a most attractive Lilium.


Propagation is by division of established clumps and scaling. Scaling is a process best left to experienced growers.

More information

Asiatic Hybrids (Division1) have been developed from a range of asiatic species including:

Lilium amabile, Lilium bulbiferum, Lilium callosum, Lilium cernuum, Lilium concolor, Lilium dauricum, Lilium davidii, Lilium henryi, Lilium lancifolium, Lilium lankongense, Lilium leichtlinii, Lilium macklinia, Lilium nepalense, Lilium pumilum, Lilium rosthornii, Lilium taliense, Lilium wilsonii and Lilium xanthellum