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Lilium lankongense


From China (and Japan) Lilium lankongense has spectacular fragrant lilac pink - mauve spotted pendant or pagoda flowers (recurved) with 6-8 flowers on each stem.

Summer flowering the foliage is a deep glossy green and when in flower against a green shrub in the background is a magnificent additon to the garden. This can be one of the later flowering species, often not flowering until mid summer.

Propagation is from seed, by division or by separating bulblets (see below).

More information

If you are looking at transplanting, dig away from where the bulbs might be and work towards them so as not to risk damage. If you can imagine a line from where you planted the bulb, to where it can up then this is the line where the bulblets will be.

You could make this years stem and then dig down and follow it along