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Lilium longiflorum

Lilium longiflorum the White Trumpet Lily


Lilium longiflorum or Easter Lily is a Trumpet lily that is a native to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan and Taiwan. This pure white lily is often (through art works) associated with the Virgin Mary it symbolises both purity and resurrection.

Reaching around 100cm (3ft) in height this is a Lilium tat is at home in the garden and also grows well in a containers as long as the roots and bulb are kept cool.

Flowering information

Lilium longiflorum usually are flowering in mid summer, so the Easter lilies actually seen at easter are forced in the Northern Hemisphere and held back in the Southern Hemisphere. So really they could be Christmas lilies in the Southern hemisphere.


Propagation is by division of established clumps and scaling. Scaling is a process best left to experienced growers.

More information

Plant in groups of 3 or 4 for a fantastic display.