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Lilium nepalense



Originally from the Himalayas (Nepal,Buhtan through to China) Lilium nepalense (pictured right) is relatively rare in cultivation but well worth the effort.

Lilium nepalense will grow to about 3' (1m). Multiple large open funnel shaped flowers, lime green with purple/purple throats, other such as Lilium Nepalense kuomensis have purple, crimson edges.

A few different forms are available including Lilium nepalense var .robusta which is pictured below. And within the forms offered for sale you will often find some variations including pale green flowers, yellow flowers and yellow/orange flowers. Check with the nursery to see which form you are buying.


Propagation is by division of established clumps and scaling. Scaling is a process best left to experienced growers.

Lilium nepalense

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The variety Lilium Nepalense Robusta is rarely offerd, pictured right.
Plant in groups of 3 or 4 for a fantastic display.