Lilies or Lilliums

Conca d' Or' Orienpet Hybrid Lilium


When we talk about growing lilies or lilium plants in the garden we are generally referring the species or the many hybrids.

And although the term lily is widely used it is actually more likely to refer to one of the hybrids, when look at the species the variety is huge.

We have species liliums, oriental hybrids, asiatic as well as LA Hybrids. we also give the names such as Easter lilies, Trumpets, Tiger and Christmas Lilies .

And the most recent addition are the Orienpets, a tough forgiving hybrid, easy to grow with fantastic flowers.

Growing lilies is sometimes seen as challenging, however with a little understanding you can soon be successfully growing lilies in your home garden.

Buying and Planting Lilium Bulbs

Lily bulbs differ from many others, they are a collection of scales, and unlike other bulbs the roots of the lily do not go dormant, lilies need their root system to survive.

Make sure the bulbs you buy are properly packaged, in damp peat, coco fibre, saw dust or peat.

If they look dried out or shrivelled, don't purchase them. If the root system has been removed to make then look cleaner, or to make handling and packaging easier, don't buy them.

Lilies bulbs need to planted 7 - 8 inches 15cm - 20cm deep in soil that is rich in humus and well drained. In Spring apply a little well rotted manure or compost as a top dressing.

Best Liliums to Grow

This will depend on how enthusiastic you are and what zone you live in. Without doubt some of the easiest and most hardy of all lilies are the Orienpets. And then of cousre the trumpets like Lilium longifolium and Lilium formosanum. These two are summer flowering and are fairly easy to grow.

  • Tiger Lilies.
    Old fashioned, easy to grow and tall growing.

  • Asiatic Hybrids.
    These grow well in temperate regions. Keep the root stem cool and grow in dappled shade.

  • Oriental Hybrids.
    Again light shade is best and a temperate climate. Orientals will grow to 6ft tall, are fragrant and come in a huge range of colors.

  • Species
    Some are difficult, such as the Beautiful Lilium Nepalense some are much easier, you will need to read up on each type as do differ, and although we have given a general guide it is not a one size fits all set of care and growing notes for lilies, they do differ.