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ITOH Peonies - Intersectional Peonies

Tree Peony, Paeonia suffruticosa Shimane Chojuraku

Wonderful flowers over a long period and fragrant as well, ITOH peonies are a well kept secret, but only because they are a little difficult to propagate, so commercial growers are not really promoting them.

Developed in Japan by Toichi Itoh in the late 1940s they have been further developed in the United States and are the largest advance in peony breeding in over 100 years.

These peonies are longer flowering, have wonderful foliage and large colourful flowers. They produce multiple blooms on each stem and will produce flowers for 4 - 5 weeks.

Are they different to other peonies

So what are the differences between the ITOH peony and the others, such herbaceous types and tree peonies.

They are longer flowering

They also hold their flowers upright on strong stems

Attractive foliage, and as they are summer dormant they are actually reasonably tough plants.

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