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Peony tenuifolia

peony tenuifolia plant

With wonderful ferny foliage, Peony tenuifolia is often overlooked in favour of modern cultivars, we believe it deserves a place in the garden. Known as the 'Fern Leaf peony' . The foliage in itself is attractive and the blood red flowers, may be small by peony standards, however they are rather stunning.

Foliage emerges a deep crimson red on individual shoots, a little like a brush on a stick. It quickly matures to a lacy ferny green.

Flowers are around 7 - 10 cm in diameter (2 - 3 inches) and do vary a little in shades od deep crimson to blood red.

Look for good sized plants (tubers or rhizomes) for sale, a few buds a good rhizome will mean good growth from a good energy store. (see picture right)

A few growers sell very small root cuttings that will take a while to flower, avoid them.

As a garden plant Peony tenuifolia has been in cultivation for nearly 250 years. Plants will reach around 75cm in height.

Peony tenuifolia 'Rosea' is a rarely offered pink flowering form. Rumors of a white form are probably based on the flowers of 'Rosea' which will fade to white with age.