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Acacia Cognata

Acacia cognata

Acacia Cognata are a weeping evergreen tree or small shrub. Drought tolerant and with attractive foliage they make a great landscaping plant and are increasingly used in gardens as a feature plant.

The species will reach over 20' however it is the low growing cultivars that are increasingly popular as a hardy evergreen border plant. (picture right)

Acaia Cognata cultivars have been developed to include dwarf varieties such as Acacia Cognata Limelight. Increasingly popular in the USA Acacia Cognata makes a great low screening plant or specimen.


  • Acacia cognata - The species itself will reach around 20 ft over time, very attractive weeping foliage with small yellow flowers in spring.
  • Acacia cognata ' Cousin Itt' - Excellent in full sun to part shade, this is a low growing cultivar that will reach around 2 - 3 ft in height with a spread of 3 - 5 ft.
  • Acacia cognata ' Emerald Cascade' - Will reach 12 ft to 25 ft depending on conditions.


As most of the desirable varieties are cultivars, Acacia cognata is usually propagated from cuttings. Not an easy plant to strike.

The species can be propagated from seed, try poring boiling water over the seed to remove the hard outer coating before sowing seed.


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