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Also known as 'Hot Water Plant', Achimenes are closely related to African Violets, and grow from a bulb or rhizome.

These are long flowering plant and grow well in hanging baskets as well as containers. They came into cultivation in the early 1900s in the UK and through Europe, they were very popular and were highly hybridised during this period.

Today we have lost many of these early varieties and is only over recent years that we have been able to gain access to the colorful varieties.

Achimenes plants bulbs and rhizomes for sale include Achimenes 'Purple King' a very popular cultivar and can be grown in the garden to zone 8 with a little care over winter.

These plants require excellent drainage over winter. Available for sale from participating online Nurseries.

Achimenes Varieties

  • Achimenes longiflora - Also known as 'Cupids Bower' fascinating species with long white tubular flowers and large velvety foliage.
  • Achimenes cettoana - Smaller growing with mauve to purple flowers
  • Achimenes erecta - An upright habit as the name suggests, red flowers


As the plants available for sale are mostly hybrids, propagation is vegetative.

The easiest way is from cuttings. They will actually take root in a jar of water.

You can also try leaf cuttings, just cut off some leaves and push them stem first into the growing medium. Keep moist and humid, a plastic bag or bottle over the top will help increase humidity.


Achimenes are available fro sale from the following nurseries.

By mail, Achimenes are sold as dormant tubers during winter.

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