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Adenium obesum (Desert Rose)

Adenium Obesum - Desert Rose

Adenium desert rose or adenium obesum are heat tolerant succulents from Africa. You will see them when in flower in the 'Big Boxes', however many of the select varieties arebesy sourced from online specilaists.

The flowers are large for such a small plant, however it is the caudex that adds year round interest. Enthusiastic growers will actually 'lift' the plant every few years to expose more of the caudex.

Mostly grown as indoor plants and are an excellent flowering plant for growing in containers. If you live in a warmer climate then you could grow them outdoors in containers, or in the rock garden.

Flower colours vary, but the trumpet shaped flowers are most attractive usually in pink, red and white tones.

Although they will grow to over 6ft in the natural environment they tend to be much smaller in cultivation, often kept to less than 1m (3ft) especially if grown in containers.


Literally 100s of named cultivars are available. The variety is in the flower color and the flower form.

These are a plant that is widely used in bonsai.

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  • The best method of propagation is from seeds, cuttings are also worth a try, why seeds ?
  • When you propagate from seeds you seem to get a better caudex (the fat or obese base that these plants are named after) and this is desirable.


  • Lack of flowers
    Usually caused by lack of light.

  • Leaf Drop
    Caused by cold temperatures

  • Yellow foliage
    Caused by cold temperatures or overwatering.

  • Mealybugs


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