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Adenophora triphylla

Paler and more dainty bells on this species originally from Japan through to Siberia. Adenophera triphylla is a hardy perennial also known as Japanese Lady Bell..

A member of the Campanula family reaching 2-3' tall, upright stems with pale blue bell shaped flowers from late Summer.


Other Adenophora species and cultivars include
  • Adenophora bulleyana
  • Adenophora liliifolia
  • Adenophora stricta
  • Adenophora potaninii
  • Adenophora 'Amethyst (cultivar)
  • Adenophora confusa
  • Adenophora polyantha
  • Adenophora pereskiifolia


Propagation is from seed sown in Fall. Best surface sown as this is aslant that requires good light to germinate.

Keep moist and try sowing in biodegradable pots that can be planted directly to avoid root disturbance.

Propagation by division is also possible.



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