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Ajania pacifica 'Pacific Chrysanthemum'

Ajainia pacifica

If a plant was named after a Russian port city then you would think it might be fairly hardy. Ajania pacifica is such a plant. Also known as the 'Pacific Chrysanthemum' or 'Silver And Gold Chrysanthemum' this a rosette forming perennial with green foliage edged with a silvery cream. It is the soft flowers that rise above in spring that give it the gold part of the common name.

A low-mound forming perennial plant from from Russia and Japan over time it will form a dense clump . Growing to 1-2 feet with gray green scalloped felt-like leaves with a silver underside with clusters of yellow button-like flower-heads in autumn.

The flowers are exceptionally long lasting which makes then a favorite in the garden.


  • Ajainia pacifica 'Pink Ice' - The flowers have a touch of pink.
  • Ajainia pacifica 'Yellow Splash' - Green and yellow variegated foliage



Older clumps can also be divided in spring. Easy to propagate from cuttings taken from spring to early summer.

Simply dig with a fork, cut the foliage back by 1/3 or more, divide the clump and replant, watering in with a liquid seaweed fertilizer.


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