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Akebia quinata - 'The Chocolate Vine'

Akebia quinata 'Chocolate Vine' or five leafed Akebia is a vigorous woody deciduous climbing vine native to Japan, China and Korea and will grow to 10m.

Fast growing and frost hardy purple flowers appear in spring followed by edible fruits.

It is said to have attractive fragrant 'chocolate' scented dark purple hanging flowers late in spring are attractive and the sweet fruit is an added attraction. Zones 4 -8. We find the fragrance to be minimal, maybe we need to live in warmer zone.

From descriptions this sounds like a wonderful plant, who would not want a 'Chocolate Vine'. Well many gardeners have found this to be an invasive plant. It will spread by runners and if allowed to lay on the ground the stems will set down roots.

This is a fast growing plant, and although it does like to grow 'upwards' it will also grow 'outwards'



Other Akebia species include :
  • Akebia longeracemosa,
  • Akebia trifoliata (three leafed Akebia)



East to propagate by cuttings.