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The common variety is Allamanda cathartica and it is known as the ‘Golden Trumpet Vine’ and like all of the group is a frost tender climbing plant or bush that is at home in a subtropical to tropical climate. However Allamanda can do well in more temperate zones given a sheltered warm position.

With the yellow flowering climber being the most common, ia little more variety exists in this group. If you look at the varieties available you will find white, pink, red and cream flowering types as well as more compact or dwarf forms.


Species and varieties include :
  • Allamanda blanchettii - A pink flowering form with a denser petal formation than others. The flower color intensifies in cooler months.
  • Allamanda 'alba' - This is a white flowering species, large fragrant flowers all year round in warmer climates.
  • Allamanda cathartic - Brilliant yellow trumpets, long flowering and the fragrance intensifies on warm nights.
  • Allamanda schottii ‘compact’ - Smaller growing like a shrub rather than a climber. Yellow flowers and one that is suited to growing in containers.

  • Allamanda 'Jamaican Sunset' - A smaller growing shrub with apricot pink flowers.
  • Allamnada 'Brazilian Red' has large red flowers.
  • Allamanda cathartica williamsii - This is a beautiful double flowering yellow form, large flowers, although not intensely fragrant.


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