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Aloinopsis plants and species are originally from South Africa and are a low growing succulent that produce wonderful 'daisy' like flowers in winter. Aloinopsis schooneesii is perhaps one of the most sought after species.

More information

Fertilize when plants are in active growth with a balanced liquid fertilizer. When buying plants look for specific growing notes for particular species. Plants need little extra care, do not need to be pruned, should be repotted every 3-4 years and, some species look great as bonsai's.


With a number of species available for sale, some of the best are listed :

  • Aloinopsis luckhoffii.
  • Aloinopsis schooneesii.
  • Aloinopsis spathulata,.
  • Aloinopsis rubrolineata.
  • Aloinopsis peersii.


Older clumps can also be divided in spring.


Aloinopsis are available for sale from the following nurseries

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