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Alpinia are often known as gingers these are a great ornamental plant that do well in a range of conditions. The varieties differ gretaly in flower form and foliage howvwer many are very attractive plants.

Alpinia zerumbet is known as the Shell ginger and Pink porcelain lily. Alpinia vittata is a striped narrow leafed ginger while Alpinia purpurata is known as the Red Ginger.


With a number of species available for sale, seven of the best varieties are listed :

  • Alpinia zerumbet - The shell Ginger
  • Alpinia caerulea - The Cardomom Ginger
  • Alpinia nutans - The Cinnamon or Dwarf Ginger
  • Alpinia vittata - The Marble Ginger
  • Alpinia henryi
  • Alpinia formosana
  • Alpinia japonica


Older clumps can also be divided in spring.


Alpinia are available for sale from the following nurseries

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