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Anemanthele lessoniana

Anemanthele lessoniana or 'New Zealand Wind Grass' with its dark olive green foliage that turns to orange and yellow in Autumn is a useful clumping ornamental grass found for sale online.

This plant was formerly called Stipa arundinacea but has been reclassified recently.

Anemanthele lessoniana is also known as 'Pheasant's Tail Grass' with its long seed heads rising above the foliage in mid summer and sometimes refered to as Gossamer Grass.

This is a semi evergreen grass, close to freezing it will die back in winter and will need to be cut back to the ground in winter.

The foliage is around 2 - 3 ft high with the flower rising 1ft above them. It is the colour of the grass as it turns a yellow to amber as it is stressed by the cold.

In warmer areas the grass will be greener and will not die back.

This is one of the best ornamnetal grasses for colour, it make an excellent accent plant with only the centre of the plant being green, the rest is wonderful color. With its strong colors it works better as an accent plant rather tahn in mass plantings.



  • Full Sun
  • Excellent as a coastal plant
  • Good drainage
  • Avoid pruning
  • Deer tolerant or resistent.

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