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Thuja occidentalis The Green arborvitae


The Green arborvitae or 'Thuja occidentals' is just one of a number of varieties widely used in landscaping. While the green arborvitae is widely used as a hedging or screening plant, other varieties have good landscaping applications.

The Green arborvitae is a fast growing variety at a rate of 4-5 ft year in good conditions. Green Arborvitae will reach 30 - 35 ft and as a tall screening plant is highly regarded.

Natural growth habit of Green arborvitae or 'Thuja occidentals' is to form a nice tight pyramid, and Green Arborvitae do well in full sun and cope with a range of soil conditions including damp areas. Foliage can yellow in winter in cold areas. Look for Globe Arborvitae a dwarf cultivar that will reach only 4 -5 ft depending on cultivar and conditions.




  • Arborvitae Berckmans Gold

  • Blue Cone
  • Compacta Oriental
  • Danica Globe
  • Daniellow
  • Degroots Spire ( a columnar form)
  • Elegantissima
  • Emerald Green
  • Golden Globe (nice yellow tinge to the foliage),
  • Filiformis (thread leaf arborvitae),
  • Smaragd,
  • Techny
  • Woodwardii



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