Bamboo plants used in modern landscape design.

Bamboo plants are used widely as an ornamental garden plant in Japanese Style Gardens. Also used as a screening plant, they are versatile and come in both small growing or dwarf varieties as well as very tall types.

Bamboo plants are well suited to grow in pots or containers and come as clumping, and running varieties. For nearly all garden situations the clumping types are best suited as running types can become invasive. With all types it is best to install a root barrier to prevent problems. Clumping Bamboo Plants are the most popular in a garden situation.

Bamboo plants are also widely used in modern or contemporary landscape design. With culms that can contrast against a wall the plants can become a feature in themselves.

Varieties differ in colour, which ranges from green through to blue and almost black, as well as growth habit, some with a weeping habit, others very upright. some have large diameter culms others are slender.

Bamboo Varieties

Although their are many species of bamboo available it is best to commence by dividing them into two varieties
  • Clumping Bamboo
    The most widely grown types as they tend to stay where they are put. They will form a clump as the name suggests, however they do not run underground as the vigorous running types do.

  • Running Bamboo
    Although these types can be a problem in that they can spread to the extent of being invasive, they can be planted if the proper care is used. An effective and properly installed and maintained root or rhizome barrier is essential to prevent these types from escaping into the garden.
    You can also consider growing these types in containers.


Propagation is easy by division of the rhizomes, best time to divide is in early spring after last frosts.


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