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Barringtonia neo-caledonica


Barringtonia neo-caledonica is a small ornamental tree or shrub originally from New Caledonia where it grows in damp areas. Nice bright green leaves and pink tinged fluffy white flowers followed by a woody 'fruit'. Will grow to 10m. Barringtonia neo-caledonica can make a nice specimen tree.

The foliage will turn red over winter, especially in colder zones.


Other Barringtonia species include:

  • Barringtonia calyptrata or 'Mango Pine',
  • Barringtonia acutangula,
  • Barringtonia asiatica 'Sea Poison Tree or Fish Poison Tree',
  • Barringtonia racemosa,
  • Barringtonia procera,
  • Barringtonia edulis 'Cut Nut'
  • Barringtonia speciosa