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Beaumontia grandiflora


With its large fragrant flowers, Beaumontia grandiflora is a frost tender climbing plant originally from Vietnam through to India. Also known as the Herald's Trumpet, Easter Lily Vine. Flowers are fragrant.

Growing to 10m Beaumontia grandiflora is a most attractive vigorous evergreen twining climber with large white and green trumpet shaped flowers to 6 inches in spring and large glossy leaves.

Although considered as a tropical to sub tropical plant Beaumontia grandiflora can be grown in cooler climates as long as it has good protection from cold winds. A sheltered sunny position and a well drained soil are essential.


Other Beaumontia species include:

  • Beaumontia murtonii also known as 'Easter Lily Vine', white flowers and fragrant.
  • Beaumontia multiflora
  • Beaumontia jeroniana