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Brunfelsia americana


Brunfelsia americana is much loved by gardeners for its easy care nature and the masses of flowers it produces . In warmer climates this is a popular fragrant small tree or shrub originally from the West Indies.

Flowering in summer with white flowers that fade to cream. Fragrance is prominent at night, hence the name 'Lady of the night'. Will grow to 15 ft in ideal conditions. The plant has a clumping habit, growing on canes.

Excellent when grown in a container on a patio where the fragrance at night will fill the air. In warmer climates Brunfelsia americana can be grown outdoors all year round. Foliage is rounded and a glossy green, flowers are a pale yellow to white, fading as they age.


  • Brunfelsia australis - Smaller growing, also known as 'Yesterday Today and Tomorrow' or 'Kiss Me Quick'
  • Brunfelsia latifolia - Smaller compact bush
  • Brunfelsia gigantea - Large growing white flowering variety
  • Brunfelsia paucifolia - Purple flowers fading to white
  • Brunfelsia nitida - White flowers also known as the Cuban Rain Tree.



Easy from seeds although they are slow to germinate.

Cuttings are a possibility however somewaht difficult. Try tip cuttings in early summer, keep moist and humid. We do suggest planting cuttings and seeds in individual biodegradable pots as Brunsfelsia americama does not like root disturbance.