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Camellia crapnelliana

Camellia crapnelliana

Camellia crapnelliana or Crapnell's Camellia with its outstanding ochre - brown bark and large seed pods makes a great small specimen tree. The pods can get to be as large as an apple, an amazing sight when on the tree.

And that is without the pretty white flowers and egg yolk yellow stamens that are real standouts in the spring garden.

Camellia crapnelliana will grow to 21ft+ and is originally from the mountains behind Hong Kong in southern China. Discovered by W. J. Tutcher it is rare in its native habitat.

If the height sounds a little to big it can easily be pruned back to a smaller size.

And why is this camellia not so common, its hard to grow except from seed, so it takes a while to get going and is not cheap.


This is the species, very rare in the wild and now carefully conserved in Hong Kong. No know varieties or cultivars at the time of writing.


Propagation from seed is actually easy if you give this plant the right conditions and seed is fresh. In nature the seed husk acts as a medium for growth. The seed actually sends its first roots into the husk, which provides moisture and nutrients and then decomposes

  • Fresh seed should be used.
  • Seed needs to be kept moist.


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