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Making up the plants referred to as Witchhazel, Corylopsis are a group of around 30 species, many worthy of a place in the garden.

Deciduous small to medium shrubs they are useful for the showy yellow flower racemes, bright green new growth during spring to summer as well as the good fall colour.

All species have yellow flowers, rounded ovate leaves and are deciduous.


  • C. paucifolia
    Excellent for smaller gardens as this species will only reacg around 6ft in height. Pale yellow flowers.

  • C. spicta
    Again from Japan and China, fragrant flowers in spring and the ovate foliage. To around 6 - 8 ft in height.

  • C. glabrescens
    From Japan, reaching around 10 ft -12ft depending on conditions.

  • C. sinensis
    Commonly known as the Chinese Witchhazel also know as Corylopsis willmottiae. Best grown in a position where it is protected from frosts. Perhaps the most vigorous species.

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Corylopsis: Including: Corylopsis pauciflora, Corylopsis gotana, Corylopsis spicata.